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Your Doctor Recommends Balance in Your Daily Schedule

A properly balanced lifestyle is a huge contributing factor to our physical health. It is essential to create a proper balance between our daily activities, work, play and of course sleep. 
We know how important proper posture and spinal alignment are throughout the day, and, they are equally important during the night. Weight and weight distribution, in conjunction with preferred sleep positions, can reasonably predict appropriate sleep posture and alignment support needs.

We’re here to help you take an inventory of your daily schedule and activities, and offer sound advice on how to improve that work, play and quality sleep balance.

Proper night time sleeping posture will help reduce the aches and pains you get when your spine is not properly aligned while sleeping.

Improper Spinal Alignment

Your hips drop due to lack of necessary support causing improper spinal alignment, which leads to aches and pains. The head and foot of the mattress now sway in slightly, potentially leading to increased aches and pains.

Proper Spinal Alignment

Your head, shoulders, hips, ankles and most importantly, your spine, are in a straight line, with enough overall support to maintain that important  configuration in any position.

In 2016, The ICA Posture Committee and King Koil published the largest study ever conducted on postural alignment in sleeping positions.
The study evaluated:
body weight, weight distribution, pressure points, personal preferences
Proper nighttime sleeping posture contributes to healthier nights and better days. The Spine Care Sleep Systems are all designed with this directive and represent some of our finest values ever assembled.

Design & Craftsmanship

The ICA & King Koil partnership makes our sleep systems stand out from other mattress manufacturers.
With nearly 50 years of working together, our teams are dedicated to help you achieve a healthier night's sleep resulting in a healthier life. When designing the ICA Spine Care program, we incorporated these five key factors to assure a better night's sleep.

Airflow for Cooling

The open-cell foam and latex designs allow for breathability and increased airflow to help keep you cool through the night.
When the comfort and support layers are conforming to your curves, air and body heat is circulated away instead of retained as the way most traditional foams perform.

Sleep on it. Not in it.

To find the perfect balance in comfort and support, you want to avoid the sinking feeling of traditional memory foams and have a comfort surface that quickly responds to your body contours and movements. Our foams are highly responsive while still providing a conforming comfort to ensure a proper nighttime posture.

Built to Last

You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping. When you make an investment in a sleep system, you should expect the sleep system to provide you years of comfort and support.

We have designed our sleep systems with higher grade quality foams and support cores to assure you long-lasting comfort and support.

 Pressure Relieving Comfort

The ICA Spine Care sleep systems are strategically layered and designed to help alleviate pressure points, so you can enjoy a more comfortable night's sleep.