ICA Spine Care® Mattresses

With so many different body types and comfort preferences, offering only one mattress for everyone doesn’t make sense. The ICA Spine Care Sleep Program offers select sleep systems using different technologies to best fit your needs to provide a comfortable night’s sleep while promoting proper spinal alignment to help you perform better during your day.

The Extended Life 1000 is most often the Doctor's Choice. Featuring our new Premium iNergex3 foam technology combined with over 800 encased heavy duty coils, you won't find a more durable mattress around that will offer years of long-lasting comfort and support you need.

The Extended Life 12, with layers of high-density comfort and support foams and firm support unit, it is built to last and help people of all sizes (big and small) to find a Healthier night's sleep. 
A slightly softer sleep system featuring layers of natural latex and conforming memory foam resting on top of a high-density foam core. You can enjoy the best of both comfort technologies as they work together to provide you a healthier night's sleep.